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Knowing More About Remedies For Itchy Eyes

The health of your eyes is always a key priority that should promoted. Any problem on the eyes can lead to so many other problems and decreased quality of an individual’s life. Due to the many number of allergies and frequent changes in weather conditions, there has been a significant increase in the number of itchy eyes among many people across the world. There are also some other underlying medical conditions that have been associated with itchy eyes. Some of these medical conditions include dry eye syndrome which come due to lack of moisture and lubrication in the eyes, Meibomian gland dysfunctions which come when these glands clog, blepharitis among other conditions.

Spending long duration starring at the computer screen, old age, pollen, dry air and smoking are some of the most common factors that can increase your risk of developing itchy eyes. It is also vital to learn about some symptoms associated with itchy eyes where the most common symptoms include redness, sensitivity to light, dry or even watering eyes, swelling eyes among others.

In case you are a victim of itchy eyes, it is important to understand some of the treatment tips that can help them get back to normal conditions. Here are some of the ways to treat itchy eyes. The first method for treating itchy eyes is using cucumber slices where they are placed over closed eyes and left until they turn warm. Cucumber slices work best because of the antioxidant and soothing properties they do have. The other remedy for solving itchy eyes is placing an ice pack on affected eye for about two minutes and this should be done thrice a day. Cold compress is preferred because it helps to relieve inflammation and red eyes from crying and irritation on the eyes. Tea bags can also be great for itchy eyes and swollen eyelid especially in the early stages of infections.

Tea bags are preferred because of the soothing and anti-inflammatory properties they contain. Using cold milk by placing a soaked pad over the affected eyes can also help in relieving you from inflammations and itchiness on the eyes. Washing your eyes with purified water will help get rid of dust and other allergens that may be causing itching and also soothing it from irritation. Witch hazels are also very great in ensuring that your eyes are relived from inflammations and irritation therefore solving itching problems. The other natural remedies or treatments for itchy eyes include aloe Vera juice, castor oils, potato slices, honey among others whose properties are almost similar to those of the other ones discussed above.